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There are two types of cruises - river cruises on smaller, more intimate ships, and ocean cruises on the large "cities at sea", carrying as many as 7,000 passengers & crew!

For river cruising, from Europe to Russia and the Ukraine, from Asia to Egypt, and, of course, the USA, we offer cruises that allow you to fully experience the wonders each region has to offer. Discover the Far East with a fascinating cruisetour along the Yangtze River or Mekong River. Take in the European countryside along the Danube, Rhine, Seine or Elbe. Our river cruises are a great way to explore new places or see a new side of a familiar destination. And a river cruise offers unrivaled convenience—unpack once in your deluxe stateroom, relax and enjoy everything the journey has to offer.


All-inclusive pricing, comfortable deluxe accommodations, intimate ships, delicious cuisine, daily guided shore excursions, exemplary service all add up to an unforgettable vacation.


See specials on River Cruise Vacations HERE or call us toll-free at 1-800-218-5043.

Ocean cruises visit over two hundred ports of call, in some of the world's most breathtaking locations. From the rugged beauty of Alaska and Canada/New England to the charm of Europe, exotic Africa and Asia and the lush landscapes of Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Bermuda, and the Bahamas.


See specials on Ocean Cruise Vacations below or call us toll-free at 1-800-218-5043.

Our shore excursions will take you on adventures that you've only dreamed of. Over snow and sand. Through air and sea. Up mountains and along fjords. And for the best of both worlds, there are our cruisetours - a combination of an amazing cruise vacation and a land tour to the places a cruise ship just can't go.

There's no one way to experience your destination than on one of our cruise ships, and that's the thrill of it. So what are you waiting for? To start planning your next cruise vacation, search & book online below, or call us today at 1-800-218-5043!

Even before you reach your destination, you're going to be amazed at what you see - your cruise ship.


Today's cruise ships are the most innovative and exciting in the travel industry. From rock-climbing walls on every ship, to elegant dining rooms and relaxing spas, your experience onboard is nothing short of incredible. And the service you get will be just as amazing.



ALASKA CRUISES - Cruising is the single most popular way to see Alaska, and for good reason. Cruise companies have operated in Alaska since the early 20th century, and have perfected the art of the Alaska cruise. Cruise visitors travel in all-inclusive comfort on ships of all sizes and on itineraries of varying length, with abundant tour options in established ports of call.


Cruises fall into two basic categories: large ship and small ship cruises. Itineraries to Alaska range from seven days to several weeks, depending on route. Small ships tend to offer more individualized service and custom or specialty itineraries for instance, cruises focused on photography, whale watching or archaeology). Large ships offer lavish entertainment, shopping and extensive tour networks in major ports to create a seamless travel experience.


The Inside Passage is the most popular cruise route in Alaska. The route snakes up Alaska's southeastern coast, guarded from rough seas by hundreds of islands. This area is served by large and small ships alike. The central Alaska coast and the Aleutian Islands are primarily the province of small-ship cruise companies. These more remote regions are known for cultural depth and wildlife - especially birds.


Check for Alaska Cruise Special Deals HERE.


ANTARCTICA CRUISES - Some people save Antarctica for their last adventure - something to be done after they've seen everything else. But those who've been always wish they'd gone sooner. For many, it is a profoundly spiritual experience - an encounter with the raw power and beauty of nature, and a recognition that we are small parts of a much larger whole.


So we say, why wait? While others roam the Galapagos Islands or the African Serengeti, you can be on the adventure of a lifetime: sailing past mystic blue icebergs, kayaking with orcas and humpback whales, bearing witness to Earth's last great wilderness.


Check for Antarctica Cruise Special Deals HERE.


BAHAMAS CRUISES - The instant your toes touch the sand and your eyes admire the water, you'll know you're in The Islands of The Bahamas. This extraordinary paradise will give you a sense of comfort, ease, peace, and belonging. You will find a phenomenal place within yourself as you depart from your everyday life and arrive at your dream vacation paradise.


Check for Bahamas Cruise Special Deals HERE.


BALTIC CRUISES - Baltic cruises bring architectural splendours and culture-rich cities. With Baltic cruises you can visit up to ten different destinations in one two week holiday and enjoy a cruise that is rich in history, thriving cultures and contemporary arts scenes.

Resplendent imperial palaces, onion-domed churches, medieval cobbled streets and gabled houses all vie for your attention. A Baltic cruise features leading destinations such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Oslo, Gdansk and many others. From the charm of Copenhagen to the imperialist roots of St Petersburg, you'll find that this region is home to some of the most cultured and refined cities in Europe set against a stunning backdrop.

Check for Baltic Cruise Special Deals HERE.


BERMUDA CRUISES - The people of Bermuda are thrilled to share the unique beauty and vibrant culture of our island paradise with you. Here you will find everything you need to plan your ideal Bermuda vacation: from information on our world-class hotels and resorts to the latest airfare specials and vacation packages. So start planning your perfect escape to the other side of the world right around the corner.


Check for Bermuda Cruise Special Deals HERE.


CARIBBEAN CRUISES - Few places on earth are more conducive to relaxation than the islands of the Caribbean. Perhaps it's the light, tropical breezes that gently soothe the soul. Or the warm waters and warm receptions that await you on every shore. One thing is certain: onboard a modern cruise ship, a Caribbean vacation offers something for everyone. From snorkeling over ancient shipwrecks to visiting secluded locales off the beaten path, feel your cares melt away as you revel in the warmth of the tropics.


From the tropical reefs of Barbados to the sun-drenched beaches of St. Maarten, Jamaica and St. Thomas, Caribbean cruises promise fascinating new perspectives at every turn. abundant tour options in established ports of call, and one of the best vacation values on Earth!


Check for Caribbean Cruise Special Deals HERE.


GALAPAGOS CRUISES - A Galapagos cruise offers the perfect combination of explorer's voyage and cosmopolitan bliss. Travel to one of the last uninhabited places on earth – the legendary Galapagos Islands. Where untamed wildlife outnumbers the pampered travelers. Sip morning mimosas as giant tortoises sunbathe on the shore outside your window. Enjoy a rejuvenating hot stone massage as Galpagos Sea Lions doze on the beach just off the port bow. Make moonlight toasts under the stars that led sailors and scientists alike to this extraordinary archipelago.


Step aboard your modern, luxurious host cruise ship, and become part of an ardent community of travelers. Experience the untamed wilderness from ships that offers unexpected indulgences. Take comfort knowing their required environmentally sound design helps preserve the pristine islands they explore. It's a journey like no other!


Check for Galapagos Cruise Special Deals HERE.


MEDITERRANEAN CRUISES - When choosing a Mediterranean Cruise Vacation, you can be assured that the trip will be one you will never forget. Wherever you go in the Mediterranean region, and however you travel - independently, or with an escorted tour or on a cruise - you can create the perfect holiday of your dreams by doing as much or as little as you like.


With such a diverse collection of destinations as Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and more, you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for in a Mediterranean cruise vacation visitors travel in all-inclusive comfort on ships of all sizes and on itineraries of varying length, with abundant tour options in established ports of call.


Check for Mediterranean Cruise Special Deals HERE.


MEXICO CRUISES - Mexico cruise ships come in a range of sizes to suit every traveler’s desires, from intimate to the largest, most modern ships which have dozens of amenities, activities, and features to explore.


Experience the vibrant culture of Mexico with Baja Mexico and mexican Riviera cruises. From ancient temples to warm beaches, Mexico cruise vacations offer a variety of ways to unwind.


There are a million super fun things to do on a Mexico cruise including incredible activities, gourmet dining options, nighttime entertainment, pampering spa escapes, and much more.


Check for Mexico Cruise Special Deals HERE.


PANAMA CANAL CRUISES - Stand face-to-face with the grandeur of the Panama Canal aboard your cruise ship. Whether you cross from Atlantic to Pacific or vice-versa, you'll encounter experiences that lifelong explorers like Magellan could only dream of.


When your ship enters the canal, it will rise 85 feet in one of the legendary Gatún Locks. As you cross the Continental Divide - a journey that took mariners of long ago years to complete - a new world of wonder and amazement awaits you on the other side.


A Panama Canal cruise will undoubtedly be an enlightening and rewarding journey. Make your Panama Canal cruise experience even richer with a shore excursion. Discover the rare beauty of a rainforest canopy aboard an aerial tram or ride the tracks of the first trans-continental railroad. Possibilities abound when you journey ashore.


Check for Panama Canal Cruise Special Deals HERE.


TRANSATLANTIC CRUISES - Transatlantic cruises are the more "sophisticated" way to travel between North America and Europe. Once you experience the romantic allure of a Transatlantic cruise, you will want to repeat the crossing regularly, and you may wonder if you will ever fly again. Transatlantic cruises run early Spring through late Fall, as cruise lines reposition their ships between Europe and the Caribbean.


Crossing the Atlantic aboard a cruise ship means soothing sheets of beautiful blue water and fiery sunsets viewed from your private veranda. As you prepare to dine, a cruise ship staff member greets you by name as your favorite vintage waits to tantalize your palate with its perfectly aged bouquet.


Check for Transatlantic Cruise Special Deals HERE.


No matter what type of cruise you choose - ocean, river, large or small ship, it is sure to be a vacation to remember.

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